Users and data dancing a perfect tango.

Recommendation services ask us what we like; but not how much; putting us through endless search-sort-save hassles and then force us to match all those results with our psyches in our heads.Psyliders are a game-changing new way for decision-makers to navigate data - via a soundboard that transcends language and grooves through data effortlessly.Finally there's a way to transparently maximize our goals while minimizing tradeoffs.


Groove through data effortlessly.

Psyliders are easily placed inside existing forms and can be customized per partner to fit in with brand requirements.Background psyliding of results work under the data without needing to interact with it in any other way.

Embrace users' psyches.

Everyone likes different things in different ways than everyone else.
That’s a good thing.
Embrace uniqueness and allow users to quickly focus on the things they care about.

Gain a deeper understanding.

Psyliders offer a doorway to the mystery of your users' desires and pathways to their goals.

Have a heart-to-heart with your customers.

Psyliders are a portal to your users’ brains, so they can achieve the most from your services.

Receive precise recommendations.

Enhanced animation and AI/ML across a Gantt-like interface to discover how ideas can adapt and evolve to achieve fluctuating goals; including playing past last frame.

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